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Swimming Pool Equipment And Products

Posted by Nathalie on
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Having a swimming pool in your backyard can be a lot of fun, especially during summers. It can also greatly boost your social status and make you popular with your neighbours. Owning a pool is fine, but it still requires a fair bit of effort, equipment, and other products to keep your pool clean and safe to use, so that you and other users are kept in good health.

All of the swimming pool equipment you’ll need for your South East Queensland  pool is available here. It is important that you fit up your pool with a proper pump and filter that enables you to constantly circulate and clean the water. Pumps will take out water from the pool, filter it to remove dirt and other particles gathered in the water and send it back to the pool. Filtration can be done through cartridges or through sand filtration, and maintaining the cleanliness of the filter by backwashing is an important step in maintaining clean water in a swimming pool.

It is also important to have vacuum cleaners that are specially designed for pools. These vacuums will have a vacuum head attached to a telescopic pole, and a hose attachment, that enables you to reach large areas of the water. You can also have automatic vacuums that are connected to the suction system of the pool. Some of them may use the pressure of water to dislodge dirt on the floor of the pool. It can also help to have leaf traps that are attached to the vacuum hose that will trap the leaves that are gathered in the water, and not send them through the filtration system. You can also clean your pool manually through the use of skimmer nets and leaf rakes. This can reduce the load on your mechanical equipment that you use for cleaning. You will need long extension poles that allow you to reach all parts of the pool. You can also use this device to remove toys or other debris that tends to accumulate in pools that are used by children.

Pool brushes are another type of tools that can be of great help to remove any algae or other dirt that has accumulated on walls and floors of pools. These brushes can have stainless steel bristles, though these brushes may not be the right one if you are using a pool that is made from vinyl. They will be useful to scrub down tiles or concrete surfaces. For vinyl pools, use brushes that have bristle made of plastic. It can also help to have some pumice stone as part of your cleaning equipment as this can help you to tackle stubborn stains on tiles.

All these cleaning activities must be carried out regularly and at least once a week. You can always outsource all this work to companies that provide these services, but knowing about the equipment that is required, can help you to ensure that the company is doing the work it is contracted to do. It can save you time and also mean that you are not required to buy, store, and maintain equipment. You will, however, need to install pumps and filters. It can also not be a bad idea to occasionally drain out all the water in the pool, give the floor and walls a thorough scrubbing before filing it with water again. When the pool is empty, it can also be a good idea to check the complete structure for cracks or leaks or any other damages and make the necessary repairs.

It is also important to have pool testing equipment that can measure the pH levels of the water in the pool. This must be maintained between 7.4 and 7.6. It is also important to check the chlorine levels in your pool so that the water is not harmful to the skin, and this requires you to have testing kits or strips to check chlorine levels and ensure that they never exceed 1 to 3 PPM. These testing kits are easily available in the form of strips that are easy to use. These kits will give you directions on what they indicate, and the action to be taken when the levels are not satisfactory. This testing must be carried out at least twice a week, and more often if your pool is heavily used.

swimming pool cover

Chemical agents like chlorine and other balancing agents are products that you will regularly need for maintaining your pool in the best condition. Swimming pool chlorine is the chemical that is widely used for both commercial and residential swimming pools. It is easy to use and will eradicate all harmful contaminants in the water, including bacteria and microorganisms. Swimmers are then protected from infections and illnesses. Pool chlorine reacts with water to form hydrochloric and hydrochlorous acid. this latter acid attacks the cell walls of bacteria and other microorganisms and makes then inactive. You can also use swimming pool bromine to perform similar functions. Bromine continues to be active even after it has destroyed the harmful organisms. This reduces the need for the frequent addition of bromine. It is more effective in warmer temperatures and is useful if your pool is heated. Bromine is a gentler chemical and will not irritate the skin as chlorine will do if levels are high. It is costlier than chlorine, and this does become a deterrent in its use. Both chlorine and bromine are available as tablets or granules. It is best to add these chemicals to the water after sunset, in a floating feeder that allows the chemicals to dissolve slowly and have your pool ready for use the next morning.

You can greatly reduce the need for cleaning by installing pool covers. These must be portable and easy to put up and remove. This will prevent the collection of leaves and debris and reduce your effort for maintaining your pool. It can also help to prevent evaporation losses, and reduce your need for water. It is also important that maintenance of your pool must also include keeping the area around it, clean and free of dirt and debris. Another good idea is a swimming pool equipment shed which can be bought from a local retailer or, if you’re handy build it your self. Your pool machinery will give you better performance for longer if it’s out of the elements.