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Outdoor Blinds For Your Alfresco Areas

Posted by Nathalie on
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Alfresco aka outdoor blinds enable you to seal off a particular outdoor area, helping to reduce heat during the summer months and retain warmth in cooler seasons. Some of the key benefits of Alfresco blinds is that they allow you to control light and ventilation in an outdoor space. This means you can relax, entertain, and eat outdoors in comfort almost every day of the year. With high-quality blinds, you can protect the area from strong winds and reduce up to 95% of the sun’s UV rays. Alfresco can be operated manually or you can opt for a motorised option. Most manufacturers offer essentially five different operating mechanisms including manual, electrical motor, smart drive, spring loaded and remote motor.

Alfresco blinds are typically custom made to suit your business or home and the turnaround time from most suppliers is around four weeks. One of the main benefits of custom made items is that you can choose the exact design, operating mechanism, and colours that you want depending on your needs.

If you own a restaurant with an outdoor area, for example, you could opt for Alfresco blinds with your restaurant’s logo and branding. Keep in mind most blinds have to be professionally installed, so it’s important to factor in the cost of installation when working out how much your blinds will cost in total. You might have to make some compromises on design, materials and operating mechanisms in order to stay within your budget.

Most manufacturers offer comprehensive warranties on all professionally installed Alfresco blinds and many offer free repair services, so you don’t have to worry about faults developing. That said, you need to make sure that you get a copy of any warranty on paper and ensure you know how to contact a company should something go wrong with your blinds. In general, you should not attempt to fix the blinds yourself, especially if they have a complex operating mechanism, as you risk causing further damage. Repairs often require special tools and equipment.

If you are buying Alfresco blinds for your home, you should know that you can often save a lot of money by shopping around and negotiating with different suppliers. The best thing to do is to get quotes from a number of different Alfresco blind companies and then phone each company up and see if they can counter one of their competitor’s offers. You will be surprised at how many times this technique works. With a bit of effort, you really can save you money and it’s important to reduce costs when you are looking at spending hundreds of dollars.

Unfortunately, because of the fact that Alfresco blinds are made to measure and the operating mechanism are unique to different settings, it is rare that you will find second hands items that can be re-purposed for your home. This means you can’t really grab any used bargains on eBay. That said, if you are good at handy work, it may be possible for you to repurpose some old Alfresco blinds from a commercial property and save money. However, you will probably have to invest a lot of time, which means buying new items with a lengthy guarantee from the manufacturer and installer is generally the best option.

Always make sure you check out a company’s credentials before you place an order. You want to be sure they are using approved suppliers and high-quality mechanisms. This is because Alfresco blinds can be very heavy and if the motorized mechanisms fail, serious accidents can happen. Therefore, it’s vital that you only work with approved, licensed companies. This is especially important if you own a commercial business.