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Catering For A Big Event

Posted by Nathalie on
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Planning a big event at your home can be a daunting task. You want your guests to relax and have fun at your home. So, cook stellar foods. Do not cook less-than-seller food for your event. Plan your menus properly. To make your event stand out, continue reading.

7 Things To Consider When Catering For A Big Event At Your Home

1. The Recipes

Are you cooking food in advance for the event? Choose recipes that are served at room temperature. This is because keeping everything hot is hard. And it is easy to get worried if the food sat out for too long. To prevent stress, choose a few dishes that are served hot. Then, serve other foods at room temperature.

2. Your Guest Profile

Who will attend your event? What do your guests love? You should know the location where your guests come from, the professional level of your guests, and the ethnic background of the guests. Why? Because it helps you to prepare the right food for your guests.

3. Extras

Are extras necessary? To avoid running out, have extras. It is much better and safer to have more than you need than to have less. It is easy to preserve extras. For example, extra meats can be frozen. If there are leftovers, give them to some of your guests. Or you can cook them for your family.

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4. Your Guest Preferences

Take the time to learn and understand what your guests prefer. Knowing what your guests prefer helps you in picking the right menu. For example, guests, who are concerned about fitness and health, prefer vegetarian options and seafood. And younger guests prefer more adventurous meals.

5. Hire a Small Staff

Catering to a big event at your home is hard. It is even harder if you are doing everything yourself. To avoid lots of stress and headaches, hire a small staff. You are not good at everything. Hire someone good at what you hate doing. In fact, your staff can take care of guests better than you.

6. The Time of Year and Your Location

The time of year influences the menu you will select. For example, some items are in season for winter or spring menus. What is the popular food in your location? Add these foods to your menu, especially if your guests come from your local location. So, incorporate locally grown produce.

7. Special Dietary Needs

Last, but not least, consider the special dietary needs of your guests. Before your event, you should know if some of your guests have special dietary needs. Then, cater to these needs. What are the special dietary needs? They include food allergies like nut allergies and lactose intolerance and food intolerances like gluten for some people who have Celiac Disease.

These are the things to consider when catering for a big event at your home. Catering to a big event is not easy. Hiring staff can save you a lot of time and it can give you peace of mind. But be careful when hiring staff. Hire people who want to make your event a success.